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Our Vision, Mission and Values

At Evolution Academy of Dance, we believe that dance education is about more than just dance technique, and more than what happens in the classroom. Evolution Academy of Dance Strives to be a guiding force in the evolution of the dance education industry by upholding a responsibility to add value to our students, staff and community.


Dance Class

Evolution Academy of Dance is committed to utilizing dance education to teach life-long skills and qualities that will produce well-rounded humans. With an emphasis on the whole dancer, Evolution Academy of dance will teach superior dance technique in a way that supports and builds the dancers’ physical, emotional and mental wellness.

We intend to accomplish this by:

  • Advocating for dancers' physical, emotional and mental wellness

  • Providing a supportive community that celebrates each others' victories

  • Cultivating a culture that pursues and celebrates growth over perfection.

  • Providing multiple program options that encourage a love of dance at any level of commitment

We believe that our staff and faculty are better able to care for and support our students if they also know that they are cared for a supported.  As we teach our dancers that growth is a life-long pursuit, we will also be sure to provide opportunities for growth at all levels of our studio family.

We intend to accomplish this by:

  • Being a fair and responsible employer

  • Providing options for staff to receive Paid Time Off, Family Leave and Insurance Benefits

  • Providing professional growth and development opportunities

Staff and Faculty

Dance Instructor



At Evolution Academy of Dance, we believe that building our young people is also a method of building our community as a whole.  In addition, the arts are intended to be shared.  We strive to be an organization that brings growth and joy to our larger community.

We intend to accomplish this by:

  • Participating in Community Events and Performances

  • Providing a safe space for the youth of the community

  • Ensuring that all members of the studio family understand that their time and money are valued.

  • Providing mentorship at all levels of the studio.

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